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        Back to Siena

        Back to Siena

        Piazza del Campo Siena Italian food

        In my early 20s, I had a master's degree in Siena. What I witnessed there, helped me develop my copper items later on. The experience of these years has been beneficial in the design of vintage and rustic copper products. 

        When I visited an elderly couple, I was impressed by the copper wall art I saw on the wall. There were beautiful red copper pans and pots all around the kitchen. Copper strainers in different sizes, copper teapot and a lot of copper molds were all around the kitchen along with the smell of fresh out of the oven italian cookies. Not having had any previous encounter with that kind of scene, I was mesmerized by the extent of the copper kitchen design ideas that fit in the couple’s kitchen naturally. They told me how they collected copper kitchen gadgets throughout their decade's long travels along with precious adventures they had on the way. From that visit on, I started to search about the usage of copper both in past and present and I visited many Tuscany farmhouses. Vintage copper pots are the best farmhouse kitchen decor.

        Copper kitchen decor became the connection between today and history, so I tried to minimise the sizes of the copper cookware. I think they're cuter in this way. The inspiration came from another visit, the kitchen decor I saw in the apartment of an old teacher. There was again a great variety of copper kitchen decor. For example, tiny colanders in my shop, one of my favorites, are the memories of this visit.  

        Along with the use of copper as kitchen accessories, I value copper’s traditional use as kitchen gadgets. Unfortunately, this magnificent metal disappears from our kitchens over the years. Why not get copper small kitchen ideas back to their right place? 

        There should be more room for copper accessories in home decoration. You will see how miniature copper ornaments add a magnificent atmosphere when the furniture is hung on the walls. Both in the dining room and the kitchen, solid copper objects are destined to be extremely popular. Whether it is a boho kitchen or retro kitchen, copper is the best kitchen design material.

        Small copper teapots, miniature copper pans, cute copper saucepots, tiny copper pots over the kitchen countertops… They all look great! I can't tell you how wonderfully the copper ornaments shine on the Christmas tree. Moreover, like all copper products, these products will remain intact forever. You will be able to pass it on to your children and grandchildren without losing any of their brightness and quality. 

        To increase their durability, we produced copper products in the thickest possible sizes. It is extremely difficult to bend when the copper is thick. For this reason, much finer and arbitrarily produced copper items can be found in the market. While producing our copper accessories, we act by adhering to traditional quality and dimensions. Just like at my teacher's kitchen counter decors and cabinet decors!